Parents of the twins called me and asked me to help because the boys were not talking.

Madalina - the boys’ Mum worked hard to try out and practice various early speech and language techniques. The boys and both Parents also attended a few interaction sessions in different venues. They were active participants in groups in clinic, in the park and at soft play meet ups.

After weekly treatment Madalina says:

"My twin boys love Anna, for us you will always be “Miss Coming.“ Thank you for everything you done for my boys. Anna is amazing, not just as a therapist. She is a very well prepared specialist, calm, warm and positive person. As a mom I have learned so many things from Anna together with my boys. Once again, thank you. We highly recommend you “Miss Coming is coming!” you will be missed."


Both boys now have a lot more words and phrases, more confidence to have a go at different games and in different situations.

They have both significantly improved with turn taking and waiting; skills that are ongoing yet essential for social interaction.

The boys are growing up in a bilingual household. Their speech has really improved with weekly intervention.

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