I work hard to provide clients with a thorough and accurate initial assessment; including a full case history followed by tailored advice including both direct and indirect speech and language therapy whichever is deemed appropriate. I am highly experienced in delivering advice and training to Parents/guardians and small groups of school/nursery staff.


Coaching and advice for adults in work as well as suggestions and advice for parents


A whole range of services for children and their parents

"Our 5 year old son has a speech disorder. Anna quickly built up a fabulous relationship with him, she made our sessions fun and informative. She used lots of fun techniques and our son now knows his speech sounds. We are thrilled that he can now say his name after Anna worked with him."

February 2022

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"As an update though, I wanted to say such a huge thank you for your advice and guidance both in it and in person. (Name)has made HUGE inroads with her speech. We have gone from her attempting words to now expanding her speech whereby she is pausing and thinking and choosing to use words rather than actions, if she is missing a word and you can physically see her trying to work out if she can find a word that would work. It has been amazing for her confidence as the Pre School staff have fed back how she is less solitary in play and has begun putting two words together for them too now. She is so eager to say something now it is staggering to see the change. I am just amazed at how much joy she is getting from being engaged with speech, it has changed her behaviour and she is so content."

"We will be in touch if I have any concerns going forward. I am just so grateful for (child's name) that you came into her world that afternoon!"

Mother of preschool child - November 2021

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Review from Parent of Primary School aged child 29.11.21

"My sons's stutter disappeared when he went back to school. He's doing so well. School was very supportive. You were great with him and helped him to understand his stutter. The video on YouTube was useful for [child's name] to see other children who have very severe stutters and realise his was milder. The only feedback I'd give is that the video wasn't suitable to show the children at school. I have recommended you to a couple of patients at work as I was impressed with your service. Thank you. Best wishes."

Mother of child aged 7 April 2020

"I would like to leave some positive feedback with regards to the service that Anna Sellers (speech and language therapy) provided during the time she was working with my son. I feel she has provided outstanding customer support and worked extremely well with engaging in speech based activities to help, encourage and support the fantastic improvements and development achieved. I am truly thankfully for all her hard work in helping him to develop not only in speech but also in confidence."

"It was the first time when we really felt someone cared about (childs name) and finally his progress can start. Anna was great and very friendly."

I contacted Anna a few months ago after the nursery setting my little boy attended highlighted his speech wasn’t coming along as well as they would have liked for a 2 year old. My initial feeling was panic that he might never talk. From the minute we worked with Anna she did a fantastic job at putting my worries at ease.

Our appointments were carried out via WhatsApp videos due to COVID19. They were a great way for Anna to observe my son in a comfortable environment. Anna would then give us direction with really easy and useful tasks that help develop and improve speech. We noticed a huge difference after the first few sessions. For a long time my son called me ‘muh’ and within a week or two he started calling me ‘mum’ which we are now working on stretching to ‘mummy’.

Anna is professional, friendly and really knows her stuff. I will be forever grateful to her for helping me to hear my little boys voice and really can’t recommend her enough.

Thank you again Anna!

I think Anna is amazing at what she does. In a few short minutes she transformed my understanding of how I should communicate with my Dyspraxic son and how I could help him to develop speech. Anna made it clear that it is important that the interactions I have with my son should be fun and enjoyable for him.."

"Anna, thank you very much for your help and kindness.."

Thank you again Anna!

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